Echo Character Reference Modeling

A practice in image reference modeling based on Jessica Madorran's character Echo.

The project started off as just blueprint modeling practice. After having spent some time on the mockup, I felt inclined to reach out to Jessica regarding publishing terms. Jessica allowed me to show a rendition of her character, just as long as I don't share the source files. This led me to focus more on the aesthetics of the model, and less on the technical quality.

Jessica Madorran's original artwork

I then decided to target the project for publishing on Sketchfab. This inspired me to use the project as practice in cell shading and overlapping UV texturing, as online 3D viewers perform better with optimized resources.

Upon reflection, the project took longer than necessary, and would have benefitted from better planning. That being said, I'm mostly happy with the final result.

Link to model on Sketchfab